Get more info and trust about the search result

This extension will give you information about the site and page you are seeing in search results.

verify site

About Verify Site

We believe that more information makes users feel more secure and certain about their search.
Install the Extension
Install this free extension directly from the Chrome Web Store to your Chrome browser
Activate the Extension
Activate the main functionality of this extension and the information icon will appear in your Yahoo feed
Get more Information
Preview the company information of each organic search result to have better control of your search

How does it work

First step
In the Chrome browser, click on the "Extensions" icon. In the popup, click on the PIN icon next to the "Verify Site" extension
step 1
Second step
The extension icon will appear on the browser panel. Click on it, and activate the extension in the popup
step 2
Third step
Now you have additional information in the address bar of the browser
step 3
Fourth step
And finally You can get information about the site and page you are seeing in search results
step 4
Supported Default Search Engines

This extension will change your default search engine to our private search domain, powered by Yahoo. We also support Google and Bing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Verify Site provides company information of each organic search result in your Yahoo search feed via a small information icon.

Search result page can be full of unknown results and unheard of brands. Verify Site provides an additional layer of information to verify each company and vendor before you venture onto their website.

Yes, it is a free Chrome browser extension which can be only found from the official Chrome Web Store.

Please check out the uninstall page.